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We are constantly adding to our collection of rare books. One corner of our store boasts shelves of rare books devoted to Edward Abbey’s titles, expeditions on the Colorado Plateau, and Western and Native Americana. Many of our books are first or limited editions and some are signed. We also have a wonderful collection of ephemera, photography, maps and broadsides. You can shop online at or come into the store to browse.

We also have a warehouse full of rare books that are available for purchase online.  The collection of rare books at our warehouse covers a wide range of subjects, but generally doesn’t fit within the theme of the rare books found at our store. Visit our warehouse online store here:

Please contact us directly if you are interested in selling your book collection.

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We're back in the rhythm of our regularly scheduled Staff Picks! Today, from Collee :)

"Henry Henry"
By Allen Bratton

"Happy Pride Month to all! In the spirit of the month, I offer you 'Henry Henry,' a first novel by Allen Bratton. This book is billed as a Queer retelling of Shakespeare's 'Henriad' (a group of plays depicting the rise of the English kings). The story revolves around Hal, the twenty-something son and heir to Henry, Duke of Lancaster. The setting is London in 2014 and Hal is deeply sunk into the party scene. He's out, but the death of a family member from AIDS ten years before casts a shadow over his sexuality in the eyes of his father. His mother died years ago and his many siblings are free agents, unhindered by the title that hangs over Hal's head. What this novel does well is depict the complexity of family relationships, the struggle to feel worthy of love (especially in a family deeply entrenched in Catholic guilt) and the search for a way through years of trauma to a place where one can feel agency of a kind. 'Henry Henry' is a lushly written debut and a powerful read."

- Collee

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