June 26, 7PM at Back of Beyond Books: David Gessner in conversation about his new book, A TRAVELER’S GUIDE TO THE END OF THE WORLD: TALES OF FIRE, WIND, AND WATER

In A Traveler’s Guide to the End of the World, David Gessner asks what the world will be like in 2064, when his
daughter, Hadley, is the same age he was when she was born. What is the future of weather? Of heat, storms, and

fire? Today, the world is burning and the seas are rising. What was once predicted is now here. In this eye-open-
ing tour of climate hotspots, Gessner takes readers from the Gulf of Mexico to the burning American West to

New York City to the fragile Outer Banks, where homes are being swallowed by the seas. With his usual sense of
humor, compassion, and a willingness to talk to anyone, Gessner considers earth’s extremes in a story of climate
crisis that will both entertain and shake people awake to the necessity of navigating this new age together.


“In a sort of culmination of his writings to date, David Gessner invites us along on his journey to
the end of the world as we know it. Visiting old friends and reacquainting himself with old (and
very much changed) landmarks we see through his eyes, not just the changes wrought by current
climate change but what happened in places like Chaco Canyon, Phoenix, and the Outer Banks

hundreds of years ago. Yes, we’ve surely made a mess of things and yet, Gessner shows some pos-
sible ways forward and introduces us to people who are doing remarkable work. With his signature

humor, Gessner manages to show us the worst while helping us hope for the best. Share this with
your climate denial friends this year!” —ANNE HOLMAN, The King’s English Bookshop

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Staff Pick day!! Today, a book that's been flying off the shelves and sticking to the top of the Indie Bestsellers list - David Grann's "The Wager," reviewed by our equally popular staff member, Matthew! 

"The Wager"
By David Grann

"Joan Didion said, "We tell ourselves stories in order to live." In the 1740s, this was the task of the last survivors of the Wager. Facing a hanging, these men had to tell a wild story in order to live. The Wager had been sent on a secret mission to capture Spanish treasure. But after a series of storms in Cape Horn, the ship went missing. Then, some of its crew washed up on the coast of Brazil. Six months later, three other crew members washed up in Chile. Each group told of cannibalism and mutiny. But all of the survivors were also an inconvenience in the British government's official narrative of its own navy. Here David Grann has the warp, woof, and weave of stories within stories, and about our very needs for stories. It's got the salt of high seas adventure, the desperate horror of survival, the mystery of unreliable narrators, the tension of a courtroom thriller, and the dark heart of an empire writing its story."

- Matthew

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