"Cult Classic" by Sloane Crosley

By Sloane Crosley

Reviewed by Alyssa

ISBN 9780374603397

Darkly funny meditation on the ghosts we're haunted by, whether we really want to be free of them, and how fair it is to ask ourselves or our partners to banish our spectres completely. In watching Lola confront her past through surprising interactions with each of her exes while her fiance is out of town, I felt myself wondering about the expectations we place on our romantic relationships. Our past shapes us, and that includes the tiny lives and deaths we experience within the greater arc of our whole person, and for a current relationship to last, is it so bad to admit this? We and Lola may not come to a clear conclusion on this front, but her journey definitely mirrors our own with the ease of accessibility to memory lane via social media and the interwebs. And honestly, I really want to be her friend. I'll definitely come back to this book and Lola again.

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