"Ugly Love" by Colleen Hoover

By Colleen Hoover

Reviewed by Megan

ISBN 9781476753188

The title speaks for itself, and this is exactly what you get from this book. It has every trope you can think of, seeming as if Hoover was trying to cover every base in the world of teenage girlhood. Well, she succeeded. Hoover definitely has a formula; one that's given her name new fame, with multiple books spending weeks on bestsellers lists, with TikTok driving sales. I'll admit, I picked up the book only out of pure curiosity. I expected to turn each page filled with rage for the lack of character development, the absurdity of plot line itself, and to generally not enjoy it. BUT. What I expected not to like was actually was the best part: simplicity. At the end of a long work day it was an easy book to pick up, to be able to laugh at the cheesy pick up lines delivered, the main characters making poor decisions, the back and forth roller coaster of it all, even if that felt a bit overused.

The bottom line being that I wouldn't recommended this book to people looking for something critically acclaimed, a tangible plot line, or a surprise twist. If you are looking for a pool side read, though, or something to keep you occupied at night while cooking dinner, this is the book for you. It accomplishes what the title states, a messy romance and nothing more. In that respect, you have nothing to lose from reading "Ugly Love", it's enjoyable for what it is, and for that I applaud Colleen Hoover.

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