"The Twilight World" by Werner Herzog

By Werner Herzog

Reviewed by Matthew

ISBN 9780593490266

What a gift to get a novel by Werner Herzog in 2022! The famous filmmaker has long been in searh of what he calls 'ecstatic truth.' To him, facts are for accountants; he's a searcher. In this debut novel, which is exactly as long as it needs to be, Herzog tells the true story of Hiroo Onoda. Onoda was Japanese soldier in WWII, but this fact alone tells you little. Herzog could have easily depicted Onoda as tragic, or easier still, depicted him as a holy fool. Instead, his portrait is an ecstatically true meditation on time and memory. As he says: "we think we live in the present, but there is no such thing."

The Twilight World is truly an unforgettable book.

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