"A Snake Falls to Earth" by Darcie Little Badger

By Darcie Little Badger

Reviewed by Sophie

ISBN 9781646140923

In this tale set in near-future Texas, the Joined Era of Earth and the land of spirits is long over. Nina, a teenage girl living in Texas, tries to make sense of a mysterious story told to her by her great-grandmother and unusual encounters taking place on her great-grandmother’s property. Oli, a cottonmouth snake animal person (his true form is as a snake, his false form is as a human), lives in the land of spirits and monsters where he has just struck out on his own. When catastrophe and illness strike, the lives of Oli and Nina collide. The main characters in this book are instantly relatable and lovable, and Little Badger weaves a spellbinding and original story about magic, monsters and family. This book received an American Indian Youth Literature Award Honor and a Newbery Award Honor, won the Reading the West Young Adult category, and was longlisted for the National Book Award. Check out Little Badger’s debut novel, Elatsoe, for another stellar work of teen fiction.

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