"The Nature of Technology: What It Is and How It Evolves" by W. Brian Arthur

By W. Brian Arthur

Reviewed by Ross

ISBN 9781416544067

W. Brian Arthur has written 250 pages about what technology is. And, he’s managed to keep the whole thing fascinating. Think about that for a second. If it stirs a curiosity within you, this may a book to own, or at least read and pass on. Ok, ok...this is more than a book about what technology is, but also how technology drives human evolution (and how humans drive technological evolution), and the intertwined relationship between tools, invention, culture, and human civilization. Drawing on his many years as an economist and economic researcher, Arthur manages to weave all these topics into an engaging and fascination exploration that is at once relevant and timeless. Though his initial defining of terms in the first few chapters may be a bit dry for some, I would encourage the reader to press on, as the work ramps up steadily and becomes much more engaging. It should be noted that this is more of a personal exploration of ideas rather than a data-driven fact-finding mission. Readers seeking hard research might consider looking elsewhere, however your time would not be poorly spent on this work. These ideas are massive, and anyone whose life is intertwined with technology (that is all of us, I believe) would benefit from reading this book. Highly recommend. 10/10 would gift to a friend.

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