"Woman, Eating" by Claire Kohda

By Claire Kohda

Reviewed by Alyssa

ISBN 9780063140882

Claire Kohda’s debut novel dives headlong into the realm of vampire lore with the ease of someone who has waded in these waters for years. Vampires have long stood for the dark side of our human nature, the parts of ourselves that ‘decent folk’ would sooner deny they know anything about. Kohda’s iteration though, Lyd, holds a mirror quite plainly to how human vampiric appetites are, how common and communal, and how the systems, the –isms of our world are much more the culprit and enemy than an individual could ever be. Being a young person, let alone a femme presenting person, in a world bent toward keeping the few well-fed, well-watered, and entertained while the rest are left to gather what scraps are left is an experience most will find familiar in these pages. Kohda brings into sharp relief the impact sexism, racism, colonialism, and classism have on a single life, and oh, the pay off when the life is that of a vampire.

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