"Into Every Generation A Slayer Is Born: How Buffy Staked Our Hearts" by Evan Ross Katz

By Evan Ross Katz

Reviewed by Alyssa

ISBN 9780306826689

2022 marks 25 years since Buffy the Vampire Slayer first aired, and Evan Ross Katz has given us the sweetest gift (just like that time in Season 3 when Angel gave Buffy a book in French for her birthday with the inscription 'Always' in the front and maybe she was distracted but it was still sooo dreamy!) in celebration of this cultural phenomenon. I’m what you might call an avid, read as rabid, fan of the Buffyverse, so this book has been calling to me for months.

Katz did not disappoint.

Reading his insights, his theories, his research, and his interviews of cast and other mega-fans felt like sitting in Sunnydale High School’s library, excitedly reliving all of the best and biggest Bad times we’ve had together. Who knew Stacey Abrams could list off her fav episodes by title in a series spanning seven seasons?! (The Body, Innocence, Hush, and The I in Team, if you're wondering).

So now I’m friends with Evan and Stacey, and it's glorious!

Don't worry, though. Part of what makes me certain Evan is a good friend is that he doesn’t shy away from the show's shortcomings either. Critical analysis of what Buffy did and did not accomplish, as well as the long shadows cast by the show’s creator Joss Whedon, only offers a deeper appreciation for everything the Scoobies lived through with us. And it's that depth that keeps us coming back for more this many years later.

If you or ANYONE you know loves the Chosen One in a way that makes people scratch their heads because they just haven’t sat down and watched an episode yet, this book is a must!

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