"The Book of Delights" by Ross Gay

By Ross Gay

Reviewed by Heidi

ISBN 9781616207922

The Book of Delights is a collection of short essays by poet Ross Gay, penned in the span of a year after he decided to write aout a single "delight" every day, starting on his birthday. Reading this book felt like a meditation - each essay is charming and evocative, in turns heart-wrenching and hilarious, and deeply, deeply human. Gay has a breathtakking ability to use the written word as a magnifying glass, holding the ordinary up to the reader as though he's asking, "Do you see? The world is overflowing with delights. You just have to start looking."
*Heidi's personal favorite essays are Number 47: The Sanctity of Trains, and Number 80: Tomato on Board*

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