"Damnation Spring" by Ash Davidson

By Ash Davidson

Reviewed by Andy

ISBN 9781982144401

Debut novelist Ash Davidson has done a masterful job of capturing the gut wrenching decisions families make to provide for themselves when faced with a series of impossible roadblocks. The premise of Damnation Spring is the attempt of a multi-generational logging family in northern California, to bet their life savings on getting out 'one last cut' of old-growth timber before it's too late. And the thing is, I, an ardent environmentalist was rooting for Rich Gunderson to finish the job when every bone in my body would argue against the cutting of old-growth redwoods. At the heart of the novel is the 24-7, a massive Redwood tree towering over surrounding clear-cuts. Encroaching parklands, greedy corporations and the whispers of multiple still-births in the local community all play a starring role. So, so good is Ash Davidson in writing a compelling, twisting, achingly sorrowful book that I had to check my emotions, liberal tendencies and preconceived notions at the door and open my eyes to all the possibilities. Easily the best book I've read in quite some time.

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