"A True History of the United States" by Daniel A. Sjursen

By Daniel A. Sjursen

Reviewed by Carter

ISBN 9781586422530

In A True History of the United States, former West Point History Professor Daniel Sjursen, shines a light on the past and brings out the truth obscured in the shadows of time and buried by the myths and narratives we have all been told. This is not simply a retelling of history with the veneer of American Exceptionalism removed, but a critical look at the major events and people of our past and attempting to bring them into full context. While highlighting those aspects of our past we wish weren’t there –native genocide, slavery, inequality by design, and imperialism, to name a few – Sjursen does not come across as someone with an axe to grind or anti-American, but rather a true believer in the axiom of “Those who fail to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it”. And as we have just passed the one year anniversary of gallows being erected outside of the Capital and the confederate flag being waved inside of it for the first time in history, we seem to be closer than ever to proving that correct. Books like this are essential in changing our course and pushing our momentum forward.

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