"Agatha of Little Neon" by Claire Luchette

By Claire Luchette

Reviewed by Shari

ISBN 9780374265267

In Claire Luchette’s debut novel, set in the 1980’s we meet Agatha, a nun, who, with her three nun-sisters, run a half-way house in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Agatha is also given the extra assignment of teaching geometry at the local all-girls school. In slow and contemplative prose, we come to see Agatha quietly question her life, her sexuality, her reasons for living cloistered. Claire Luchette’s language is ever surprising as she weaves mathematical theorem into Agatha’s existential crisis. This is a story of a quiet town with memorable characters, a set of four nuns, who share a life together, and Agatha, who comes to understand what true devotion looks like.

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