"Anxious People" by Fredrick Backman

By Fredrik Backman

Reviewed by Julia

ISBN 9781501160837

I am pleased to announce that Swedish author Fredrik Backman has written a new novel, Anxious People, which lives up to his first, the international phenomenon Man Called Ove!

A bank robber hoping to avoid losing custody of young children makes a failed hit on a cashless bank, and winds up accidentally taking hostages at an apartment viewing.  From the hostages' conversations with each other and the masked intruder, to their interviews with a couple police officers who happen to be father and son, this story is full of unexpected hilarity that doesn't quit.  Backman takes the banal aspects of living and the cynicism and quirks of various generations and successfully rubs them together awkwardly for so many good laughs and bittersweet, heartfelt moments of connection.  When you have laughed out loud frequently throughout an entire book, it's easy to forget that the subject matter also touched on painful memories in the characters' pasts, as is typical of Backman's writing.  One of the reasons I cherish his books is his ability to discuss the difficulties of living and deep anguish, while somehow bringing the reader back to the power of the human heart forging ahead in spite of everything.  A fantastic, absorbing read I'll be recommending to all.


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