"Writers & Lovers" by Lily King

By Lily King

Reviewed by Julia

ISBN 9780802148537

Writers & Lovers by Lily King is a work of fiction set in the 90's, which begins in Cambridge, Massachusetts where 31 year old Casey Peabody is working as a waitress.  She acquires long shifts and doubles, attempting to manage the bills owed from her college degree - debt which feels as insurmountable as the grief leftover from her mother's death.  Casey steals moments away to cry behind closed doors, bikes long pathways to process and watch geese, and in the mornings, she writes.  Six years into working on her first novel, she is struggling with it but continuing to chip away at the book, and sometimes the work simply flows.  Her writing becomes inspired through the meeting of two different men, and she finds love - surfacing from the depths of loss to discover she is still able to experience life and new beginnings. Though strikingly simplistic in its essence, Writers & Lovers manages to be a dynamic page-turner about a woman coming of age into herself as a writer, a daughter, and one half of a love relationship.  I was really touched upon listening to an interview with the author, where she explained that she drew from her own beginnings as a writer and waitress, recently having lost her own mother.  Lily King has crafted a witty and poignant story of carving one's way through the rigors of daily living, striving to etch a portrait of the self bearing a mark to make upon the world. A subtle and brilliant read!

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