"How to Change Your Mind" by Michael Pollan

By Michael Pollan

Reviewed by Shari

ISBN 9780735224155

Michael Pollan, journalist extraordinaire, who over the years has guided us through the food world with Cooked, Food Rules and Omnivore's Dilemma has taken a left turn with his new book, How to Change your Mind and delivered to us the history, science and even his own personal journey through the world of psychedelics. Even if you don't have a pension for opening, as Huxley so famous said your own doors of perception, Pollan's book reads with an elegant blend of science, memoir, travel, history and medicine. Thoroughly researched, Pollan lays out the history of psychedelic drugs, why the research stopped abruptly in the 1970's, what they've learned so far in the fields of science and medicine, and why suddenly there is new interest in the research. Pollan admits in the beginning of the book that he is a hard core materialist, veers on the side of science and has little personal experience with psychedelics or what one might term, spirituality. However, through the journey of the book, he rides this juxtaposition with the precision of a wordsmith to explain the trips he takes while writing and researching the book in a brilliant pairing of the professional and the personal. He's gotten a lot of attention on this one and I will say you won't regret taking this trip with him.     -----Shari

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