"Wilderness is the Gateway to the Soul" by Scott Stillman

By Stillman, Scott

Reviewed by Carter

ISBN 9781732352209

Some books teach us, some books distract us, others whisk us away into new and fanciful worlds. In Wilderness: Gateway to the Soul, Scott Stillman reminds us, gives us a subtle nudge, that the greatest depths of experience are right here, right now and deep inside of you. Using wild places and solitude to scrub our perspective clean, we can slowly enter into our Self, and find a truer and deeper experience. Scott takes us along on his own journey, from Capitol Reef and Dark Canyon here in Utah, to the rainy woods of the south and through his own endless discovery of who he is and what he wants out of Life. Finding that rare balance of both depth and concise understanding, he gives a wonderfully inspiring account of the raw experience of one's Self devoid of the distractions of the modern world and of other people - while shunning neither. Every page is filled with the joy of freedom found only in wild places, with love that has been cultivated over countless miles of trail, and a simple life philosophy distilled over hot tea and a crackling fire. Even as the days grow dark and cold, this book will remind you that your truest and deepest Self thrives outside of the confines of walls and modern comforts, beyond our self imposed limitations. If you are looking for a book to keep the fire of passion burning, this is it. Get up, get out, and find your Gateway!

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