"Letters Like the Day" by Jennifer Sinor

By Jennifer Sinor

Reviewed by Julia

ISBN 9780826357830

Back of Beyond Books had the recent honor of hosting Jennifer Sinor's author event for "Letters Like the Day: On Reading Georgia O'Keeffe".  "Letters" is the weaving of two stories - that of internationally famous artist O'Keeffe, and Utah's own author Sinor, who sifted through hundreds of articles of written correspondence by O'Keeffe, particularly between herself and life-long partner photographer Alfred Steiglitz. In this recovery of letters, the woman Georgia is revealed to the woman Jennifer, and we follow these two sets of footprints, one after the other marking O'Keeffe's declarations of passion, moments of vulnerability, and the changes brought by time. Inspired by O'Keeffe's musings, author Sinor is able to draw subtle but deeply felt parallels of connection between herself and the artist. One chord that resonates between the women is the feeling that words are incapable of adequately expressing the many dimensions of the human condition.  There is a wounding inherent within a life rich with experience, Sinor implies, which little but the art which speaks to us can come close to healing or giving voice to.  It is in these voiceless expanses of sky and land, flower and chasm, where O'Keeffe the painter dwells and creates, shaping her life by paintbrush. Jennifer Sinor's atmospheric writing successfully navigates the richness of a life revealed in letters, inviting us to explore the nameless gardens of our own days.

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