"This Immeasurable Place" by Blake and Lavinia Spalding

By Blake Spalding, Jennifer Castle, and Lavinia Spalding

Reviewed by Andy

ISBN 9780999458815

Just in time for the holidays, the Hell's Backbone Grill and Farm has, at long last, released their second scrumptious cookbook and memoir.  Jen Castle and Blake Spalding opened Hell's Backbone Grill seventeen years ago against all odds.  Now, the restaurant and farm are a destination for gourmands, an inspiration for the 'back-to-the-land' movement and purveyors of food with soul.  The book, with photographs by Ace Kvale and text by Lavinia Spalding, leaves you with a growling stomach and an instant urge to road-trip to Boulder, Utah.  BUT, the restaurant is closed for the season so you'll have to settle for the book.

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