WOW Guide: Utah Canyon Country

By Copeland, Kathy and Craig Copeland

Reviewed by Beth

ISBN 9780899974521

Most visitors to our area are interested in hiking- or at least exploring the area by foot. The endless canyons, slickrock fins and domes, slots and arches invite visitors and residents to wander, take photos, and enjoy the magnificent silence of canyon country. This guide features 90 of the very best, most gasp-inducing hikes on the Colorado Plateau, including 25 around Moab. Most of the featured trails are day hikes, although a few of the very best backpack trips are included as well.

What I love about this guide is the attention to detail lavished on every page. Packed with full color photos, accurate maps and driving directions, as well as plenty of beta about the trail and its features, with this guide in your pack, you will feel confident heading into the wilderness even if you are new to the area. The authors have personally hiked and photographed each of the trails, and offer up advice and opinions like you might expect from an old friend. I love that facts and opinions are noted as such, giving the reader a sense of the authors' voices.

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