All the Wild That Remains

By David Gessner

ISBN 9780393352375

Price $16.95

This engaging book provides an intimate look at Edward Abbey (1927-89) and Wallace Stegner (1909-93), two of America's finest authors, both of whom chafed at being pigeonholed as regional writers. Certainly their fond, passionate focus was the American West, but there is much universality in their concerns. Gessner ("Return of the Osprey") traveled to places they haunted, read all he could of their writings, and spoke with people who knew them well. His smooth, literate text is enhanced by photographs of Stegner and Abbey as well as chapter notes that read well. Stegner authored 46 works, including 13 novels, and won a Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award. Abbey wrote 28 books, was a Fulbright Scholar at Edinburgh University, and may be best known for his book "Desert Solitaire", which is often said to be as worthy as Henry David Thoreau's "Walden". Stegner, clean cut, traditional, with a PhD, and Abbey, an uncompromising anarchist and atheist with a 1960s-ish appearance and lifestyle, provide rich grist for Gessner's mill, which he fully exploits for the benefit of any reader. Gessner himself has penned nine books. All three authors qualify as important environmentalists and writers. VERDICT Highly recommended for everyone interested in literature, environmentalism, and the American West.--Henry T. Armistead, formerly with Free Lib. of Philadelphia Copyright 2015 Library Journal, LLC Used with permission.